Monday, April 2, 2012

Soaps and Storms

I am hopelessly behind in my reviews- I have to write one for All Quiet on the Western Front which I liked but did not enjoy, and one for Little Bee which I neither admired, nor had fun reading. Right now however, I am totally taken by Mario Llosa Vargas's Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter. A story set in fifties Lima about a struggling young writer, forbidden love, a serial serial-churner and lush radio serials.Watch this space for reports on works by Remarche, whatsisname and Vargas. I might update Sense of an Ending with details of our new discussions too.

In the meantime here is a little something that I penned on the subject of storms- it turned into an ode for a soap opera!

To the Bold and the Beautiful

A Brook cries up a Storm
Storm rages
At the rigid Ridge
Besides, a Thorn.

And what mix-ups!
A relentless Storm in a Teacup
Froths and foams.

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