Friday, February 20, 2009


You were angry 'most always
And liked holding sway
Funny too,
Malice ne’er far away
But when you acted
You were entirely collected
When it got complicated
When you supported
There was none to top you
But your moods fluctuated
Your moods fluctuated.

On occasion,
Characterised your
Childhood condition.
But anxiety,
Or Insecurity,
Caused no depression
Of a constant variety;
Mixing instead
Killer instincts,
In a wicked deportment;
And generosity,
To an intelligent

You lied and you spied
But never traumatised
Those you victimised.
This is no surprise-
A steely saint
Was your mother
Your backbone was hers
My dear grandmother.

Witty’n gregarious
Mischievous, vicious
But not pitiless.
As a concoction
Totally delicious

You learned from mistakes
Forsake superstition
Admired your enemy
Channelled your envy.
Prickly and proud
Yet never removed,
You were interesting.
Most interesting.
You had a reprieve
(Of a partial description)
When you did marry
This other institution
Of which elsewhere
Let’s come back
This is for you
This narration

You traded up.
Angst for worries,
Casual treatment
For self-suppression.
Yet your competence
Ensured your promotion
Joys of motherhood a
Full deliverance.

You took a ride
On a roller Coaster
Quietly triumphant
On your advancements
Silently fearful
Of your setbacks
Faith and belief
An obsessive compulsion
A by product of
Tumultuous existence.
Were these the demons that drove you?
What was the spirit that buoyed you?

Tripped by disease
Time and again
Pox, Hansen, Sugar
You did contain
Friedrich however,
Couldn’t be restrained
A child’s life blighted
I think broke you.
Yet you did not cave in
You never clung to
Fiercely independent
Hyper you became
You were manic

Of course I don’t know
You told me some
I guess the rest
But this I aver
You were aspirational
Sometimes inspirational
Cruel but fun
Embarrassing mum
A Cool grandmom
My grandmom


small talk said...

Nice! I can't believe how much this can apply to my grandmom too!

sonya said...

K that's lovely. Upload the Toshi one too please - want to read it again.

K said...

I just saw these posts- will do

Deepa & Anooj said...

I miss her.... my Devumma