Friday, April 20, 2012

Flirting with old flames

Yesterday I visited a house I’d lived in.
The current occupant is pretty
And quite affable,
The house dull as ever
I thought, and asked after neighbors,
Friends of days bygone. And sat still,
Aching to rush everywhere, open doors, explore,
Perversely prove I’d been there before.
They were good reasons I moved I saw.
It got darker, and reflexive, I pushed a switch,
The house bright, I was warm and home
“I could live here but its taken,” I thought
With a pang. Indeed, the lady
Unhappy with my familiarity
Is suspicious of my plans.
I have to leave:  He sits unmoving.

Ah, but that bright evening
Of could-have-beens. 


Sonya said...

oh this is lovely ! did u write it ?

K said...

indeed madame...